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Surely, this is the correct explanation in some cases. But how can keep dreaming footprints in the soil, implant under the skin of the strange metal objects, and much that does not fit the “theory of the sleeping aliens”? If we look at history, on paleokontaktah – alien visits to Earth in historical and prehistoric times – has been written many books and articles. Michael Chabon: the source for more info. And if you listen to some researchers the Sumerian civilization, humanity in general, the result of genetic modification, and it was formed by crossing alien and human ancestors. The most interesting thing is that this theory quite fit in with the fact that at the very beginning of human individuals was about one hundred thousand. But where did they come from – this question for some reason none of the serious scientists do not responsible. Okay, let’s assume that the answer I just have not got. There are suggestions that representatives of extraterrestrial cultures communicate some of the great men whose discoveries in various fields of radical impact on our progress and culture.

Acquaintances with strangers declared the Buddha, Christ, Newton, Paracelsus, Tesla, Einstein … There also adds a long list of science fiction writers. From the recent history of regular meetings with aliens hold the head of America and Russia. More information about America: there are the famous “Base 51”, and just three UFO crash at Roswell town, and a giant UFO, slowly drifted over Utah, and hundreds of reports of Air Force pilots, had seen and even attacked the dishes .


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