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Air Force Chacon

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Zapatero filled air their lungs and cry with all his strength: rabbit I command that you present before me immediately! The rabbit, which was inaugurating a new station in hope, coughed a little to mitigate the cry of his boss. Sorry, dear, I have an urgent matter to address, but we will come back to see us very soon, said while ceremoniously kissed his hand. Then ran to the small door was where Zapatero. -President, these are not forms of call. Next time give me a hint to mobile. -Yes, of course, for which Alfredo’s conversation becomes aware. -What’s so secret that can not hear Alfredo? -I want the garden of hope for Maria Teresa.

-Everyone knows that. -What they don’t know is that I want to remove it there. -Well, can you not to know, but now that you’ve said it, surely that Alfredo has heard it. -Thus warming up it is water me mouth, rabbit, so he opens the door and not interfieras more. -President, if you want the garden of hope, will have to stretch you pocket to increase the budget to Elena I have trimmed. -That nothing – said Zapatero – open the door or go forever. Rabbit crossed arm without flinching and Zapatero, seeing that nothing he served to stay waiting for the door to be opened by itself, decided to increase the budget for the promotion of activities. However, the door had a delayed effect device and might not open until 2011.

Between that and that I had to go to Brussels to meet the turn of his presidency, he had another that catch elAir Force Chacon to arrive in time for the appointment. What happened there has been various ways but none convincing. ParEL country, Zapatero before the European Parliament speech not pretended to be surprised, and that was his main virtue. Instead ABC sees it more as a mediocre and routine intervention between vagueness and ease. Inexplicably, LA RAZoN said that all the parliamentary groups gave their go-ahead to the objectives of the Spanish Presidency, something that contrasts with Europe makes the vacuum to Zapatero, which is what tells LA GACETA. What the President actually did was to propose a great social pact for Europe, but there who clears that and him not concrete. Original author and source of the article.


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