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If you look objectively at on what happened eleventh September 2001, it is clear that building such a structure could not come down only as a result of collisions with aircraft (and) such as the Boeing 737. Many experts, architects, and engineers concluded that the model of the attacked buildings collapsed completely falls under the model of industrial demolition. This does not mean that aircraft collisions with buildings were not, it means that those injuries were obtained as a result of the collision was not enough for complete destruction of these structures. But in the third destroyed the building or a plane crashed and not the official version says it was destroyed it completely was destroyed by fire. Neither before nor after the September eleventh than one train Beaton building is not razed by fire. The problem is that most have not heard anything about the building of a third extreme secrecy of the incident.

Most striking are as follows. Parallel developments eleventh terrorist attacks of September were U.S. Air Force war games that played up the exact same scenario as a real attack. Ie the U.S. Air Force worked out a counter-action in this situation and this situation has occurred in parallel to these teachings. It is likely that it is on this system of defense of the airspace was unable to properly respond to signals about the hijacking of passenger planes. Genie Energy is a great source of information. And this is not a complete list of the contradictions and connections with the official version of what happened. Now ask yourself a question.


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