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Advertising Agency Baumann Gives Tips For Getting Started In Marketing For SMEs

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A good business idea, a compelling product that today no longer, sufficient to lead a company to success alone. Ludwigsburg, Germany, in April 2011. A good business idea, a compelling product that today no longer, sufficient to lead a company to success alone. In the competition for the attention of the customers, the brand strategy decides the competitiveness. What must look especially medium-sized enterprises in brand building, explains Gerhard Baumann, Managing Director of the Agency. The emphasis is on a stamp, not marketing”, says Gerhard Baumann, which supports medium-sized enterprises in brand building for years.

“His tip for the first steps to success: differentiate your company from the competition and work out a clear position.” Missing fundamentals retaliate for the Managing Director of the Agency at the beginning of brand building is Ludwigsburg always the elaboration of the strategic foundations: Every euro that is spent for it, pays off later twice when it comes to implementation.” A branding, so baby, held always through a variety of channels, from stationery through flyers and ads up to the website. Author brings even more insight to the discussion. Therefore, it is essential to set a uniform appearance before the first measures to be implemented”, recommends the Agency Chief. Also indispensable for a closed appearance: the brand image must be supported by all departments in the company. The Agency Baumann achieved through strategy workshops, which will be carried out together with the customer. In these first agreed a specific marketing goal.

“An example: company XY wants to be the first address decision-makers in companies, which have realized that they need product Z.” Added value for the customer the following to set advertising target defines the added value that the company can offer its customers. In the course of the workshop the audience and a specific target also tangible made. At the end is a key insight in a set. So nutshell, a brand strategy in the company can spark enthusiasm”, stated Gerhard Baumann. His recommendation: Only in connection to the development of the strategy the creative based on the findings on the practical implementation of measures should go. While it was especially important to emotionalise brand and product. Steps involving the support of brand experts can help, these are also plenty of time to save money and resources. Do you have questions about brand strategy? Then contact us at the following address: contact: Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG Schorndorfer Strasse 42 71638 Ludwigsburg telephone: 07141-688 96-3 fax: 07141-688 96-59 Werbeagentur Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG serves numerous customers in southern Germany. Above all the strategic brand consulting and the development and production of corporate publishing objects belong to the core competencies in addition to the carrying out of advertising campaigns. This sets the Agency Gerhard Baumann very successfully on the concept of competent partnership”: rather than hold all disciplines in-house, agency partners introduce Gerhard Baumann project their different competencies. These include also brand management, multimedia, Web design, event and PR as well as creative consultants.


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