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Hindus forced to charge less, care free, but punishing mistakes; the Incas, Aztecs, Jews killed the healer stones that caused abortions. In the Old Testament appears compensation as a way to compensate for unintentional damage to a pregnant woman and punishment when the damage was premeditated. When 1800 years BC, a king of Babylon was more daring when he wrote a code that bears his name “Code of Hammurabi, where rules:” If a doctor to make an incision or with a bronze lancet in the abdomen of a man or the eye socket does cause injury or death of the Lord, then he cut his hand. ” All this severity throughout history has had notable cases such as the beautiful midwife Bourgeois Loyce, who attended five births to Madame Medicis, wife of the king of Franciay many royal women, but had no qualms about fined, stripped of all his royal prerogatives, to prohibit the exercise of his office for failing to prevent a puerperal sepsis Orteans Mari killed them. In a question-answer forum Michael Chabon was the first to reply. Another illustration is the case of Pantaleon, who occupied the coveted post of physician to the great Maximilian and enjoyed all the goodies of high office, but could not avoid being beheaded when the fail the treatment, the emperor died. Fedoli Fortunato, in 1602, wrote a treatise on medical jurisprudence, the first book on this subject. 400 years later about this matter this booming industry has emerged that profitable insurance business involving insurance and expensive over the practice of medicine, tangible reality in developed countries and has come to question the romantic definition of medicine Gregori in 1772, when he said that “it was a profession that is exercised by men of honor …” because these gentlemen now roam the PIP of San Andres for the Public Ministry and the courts as criminals and paying out of pocket the high costs of legal defense, historically persecuted by the ghosts of King Hammurabi Pantoja and looking cut head and hand, pursued by the ghost of Judge M chale. .


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