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CONTINUITY the continuity can be seen in the keyboard keys of F1 to the F12 it perceives that exactly that they are separate in groups of four keyboard keys we perceive they as a line continues, as much that in the keyboards of notebooks these keyboard keys had been condensed and if they had been next for the best use to the space.The rule of the SEGREGATION, this rule is the one that describes the ability that we have to separate elements same that are in a unit therefore exactly that in each one of the keyboard keys the letters were not printed matters and numbers we poderiamos identifies them as a lesser unit inside of a bigger unit, the keyboard.The UNIFICATION is observed as a whole the therefore keyboard although some separate components are defined as a unification of some only components, similar and next one to the other.The rule of the CLOSING this is demonstrated as a continuity of the rule of the continuity therefore when the elements our natural trend forms an incomplete figure is complete it as example in our keyboard this the arrow keyboard keys that although not to form a complete rectangle visually are comprendidas as a rectangular unit together with the keyboard keys of PrintScreen, Scroll Lock, Insert and the others that follow generally them Finally we have the rule of the PREGNNCIA that is that one that speaks on our ability to perceive the balance of the images, already repaired as each unit of keyboard keys (numerical keyboard, arrows and ABC keyboard keys) is symmetrical in each one of its units, already it repaired as the biggest keyboard keys are in the low part of of the keyboard everything this are thus therefore this standard of positioning already were known in typewriters and numerical keyboard of calculators they had been more at the beginning placed in this way therefore thus seem prettier balanced aesthetic. It is not interesting as we can analyze our sensorial organization through this small regrinhas?The most interesting is as they are used many times involuntarily to create useful and relatively pretty objects. Michael Chabons opinions are not widely known. These regrinhas can be observed in all the places that we look at and we create try through them to improve the decoration of its house, the framing of a photo, the layout of its blog or site. More curiosidades and techniques: designing will be designers.


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