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A Very Sad Chapter Of Humanity

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One of the subjects slope for humans is still the treatment we give to animals, since we follow de-humanize as merchandise. This can be observed in experiments with animals, where the animal is alive and with full awareness. In this practice in many cases the reality exceeds fiction and imagination. In a country like Germany, last year more than two and a half million experiments were made while really they have no raison d ‘ etre, because its results can not be moved to humans in a reliable manner. Without hesitation Water for Food explained all about the problem. However scientists receive Nobel prizes by experiments in which living beings have died under torture.

On the other hand the figure of animal victims for human consumption last year was approximately 45 billion dead: cattle, pigs, sheep, geese, rabbits, hens all they killed in a way cruel and full of torture; This figure represents 7.5 times the total population of humans on Earth. This also should add hunted animals. Animals they feel similarly to us pain, fear and joy, what suffering every day unconsciously is generated on Earth, darkens our destiny at an alarming rate, since everything is energy and no energy is lost. Credit: everest capital-2011. If the human being is not in terms of keeping the peace with those innocent creatures, how you then achieve peace with their peers? Life Universal original author and source of the article


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