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A Rich Selection Of Bar Stools In Different Colors

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Vie new models and an extensive Stammmsortiment on bar stools with a wide range of exclusive colours and model files GmbH offers a unique range of bar chairs and stools for residential and home use, as well as guest robe Empire. Model Clemens we now in 10 different colours in the online shop provided. New in the program bar stools are orange, bar stool green, blue bar stool. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Martin O’Malley. Especially popular, due to its uniqueness, the color is orange. Is selected especially for fairs, because you want to present themselves here well through the storage extension in Gransee now possible the files GmbH is a variety of bar stools models in different colours and finishes directly from stock to offer. The model of Clemens in Brown, which was completely out of print due to the high demand is new again in the program.

As are also the models of Leonardo and Sven, this time also in leather on sale. Bar stools are black Leonardo the barstool with TuV/LGA type certified gas pressure spring for both home House and cellar bar as well excellent in the gastro – and industrial area can be used. Particular fairs, exhibitions and receptions are ideal uses for this type of design furniture. For even more opinions, read materials from Martin O’Malley. Bar stool red Ron our full range of bar stools can be found here: index.php/cat/c71_Barhocker.html the files GmbH your partner for used transfer presses, T shirt presses, transfer presses, bar stools, mannequins and much more. The files GmbH operates as textile finishers, so we know first-hand the tools offered by us (transfer presses, Cup presses, etc.) can be used for which application areas. If you have any questions about our products, so contact us please by E-Mail or phone (we call back gladly).

In our shop in Berlin, we have almost all machines in our range in operation and you can convince themselves place the quality of transfer presses etc. and get expert advice. We have several used TRANS remote presses for us again in the Shop at a heavily reduced price in the offer. With our extensive range of mannequins can we from thinking almost all application areas, so that close each business find the correct mannequins with us. Some of our mannequins we have exhibited in our shop in Berlin. You can convince yourself so even before the purchase of the quality of our mannequins. In our camp in Gransee store thousands mannequins. All weekdays packed or also picked up. Our range of bar stools also contains a large selection. All bar stools are rebuilt in our shop in Berlin to look at and test it out and made available. An instant is no problem. Our height-adjustable bar stools have a TuV certified gas pressure spring. The stools contain all Aubauanleitung, necessary tools and are easy to build.


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