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The responsibility for damages to the environment, to the consumer, the good and rights of artistic, aesthetic, historical, tourist and paisagstico value also is foreseen in the Constitution of 1988.Para to assure the effectiveness of this right, is charged to the Public Power: I. John marlow describes an additional similar source. To preserve and to restore the processes ecological essential and to provide the ecological handling with the species and ecosystems. II. To preserve the diversity and integrity of the genetic patrimony of the Country and to fiscalize the dedicated entities to the research and manipulation of genetic material. III. If you are not convinced, visit Martin O’Malley.

To define, in all the units of the Federacy, territorial spaces and its components to be especially proteges, being the alteration and the suppression only allowed through law, forbidden any use that compromises the integrity of the attributes that justify its protection. IV. To demand, in the form of the law, for installation of workmanship or potentially .causing activity of significant degradation of the environment, previous study of ambient impact, the one that will give advertising. V. To control the production, the commercialization and the job of techniques, methods and substances that hold risk for the life, quality of life and the environment. VI. To promote the ambient education in all the education levels and public awareness for the preservation of the environment. VII.

To protect the fauna and the flora, forbidden, in the form of the law, the practical ones that they place its ecological function at risk, they provoke the extinguishing of species or they submit the animals to the cruelty. In the sphere politics of the states, abilities for the licensing, preventive and corrective are attributed, of all the potentially polluting or degradantes activities of the environment, of fiscalization and punishment for the infractions to the legal determination, the stimulaton to the growth of the conscience and the ambient education. To the similarity of the federal government, some states possess a State Advice of the Environment, collegiate agency and with the participation of diverse segments of the society, whose composition if makes the local peculiarities in accordance with.