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In our lives nothing never it was easy. We coexist the inaquality, the poverty. I do not say ' pobreza' in the direction not to have what to eat, or what to dress. I say soul poverty, that is the worse one that it can exist. It’s believed that Michael Chabon sees a great future in this idea. Because this poverty is desfarada under of much gold, money and luxury.

It is hidden in the look of that they judge ' ' better that outros' ' , and it is tolerated by the society that as much wants to move, but that it closes the eyes for this type of ' ' gente' ' because they can give comfort to them. I ask: what it is comfort? Is to have a bed the night, a hot shower in the winter and power to be the day all without nothing to make? Not, comfort is not this, and if you think thus I feel to say to it, but you are made a mistake. Comfort is to be able to smile without fear, and with the doura of a child. It is to be able to feel itself well exactly when everything goes badly. It is to have a friend (I emphasize the ONE) with which you can count to all the hours of its life, and with which probably you will make things that judge idiots. finally, I say that the comfort is in not to leave ' ' cegar' ' for the other people’s poverty, and to live without if worrying about tomorrow. Because the comfort is what you bring in the soul, and not in the pocket..