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Biofuels Will Destroy Planet ?

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Ecology of the Russian cities will be improved. Rosprirodnadzor suggests that the penalties for nature conservation. Winter in Russia is expected colder than last year. Animals and birds are peculiar emotion. Switching to biofuels threatens deterioration of the environment.

In Africa, discovered the largest spider. Scientists have named five technologies that will save the world. Named the country with the world’s first end water. The Japanese have grown blue roses. Date of the week: The International Day of Climate Action. Photo fact of the week: Portrait of insects and spiders.

Review of the week from 19.10.2009 to 10.25.2009. Ecology of the Russian cities will improve the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev last week expressed his belief that by 2012 the number of environmentally disadvantaged cities in Russia will fall more than doubled. Today, 207 cities of Russia the average concentration of one or more pollutants per year exceeds maximum permissible concentration. The minister promised that this figure will drop to 80 cities. According to Mr. Trutnev his department is now engaged in the development of quantitative criteria for safety and comfort of the environment human habitation, and in 2010 will develop a mechanism for government support to reduce and eliminate environmental damage as a result of economic activity. Minister Trutnev also once again reminded that the 2016 fee for emissions into the environment will increase by 20 times. And for enterprises will be introduced economic incentives to move to a new, environmentally friendly equipment and cleaning devices to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Rosprirodnadzor suggests that the fines on the conservation proposal C to direct funds received as compensation for damage environment, on environmental activities performed at last week’s Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor).