MLM Network

At the same chance of success for novice distributor as much as a beginning of a businessman in traditional business, with much more favorable initial conditions – online business as opposed to Traditional does not require a large initial investment, the success of it depends on the willingness, ability and the amount of time spent, rather than on the availability of bonds, 'roof' and money for bribes. Of course, a large steady income requires considerable time and effort, but success can be achieved each. Each network has its own company marketing plan, and any novice can make a plan for success. Another important difference between network marketing from the traditional is the presence of an interest in the success of a novice teacher, or sponsor, the man who led a newcomer to the company and who will teach and help at first, whereas in more traditional business experienced comrades well, if not put spokes in the wheel. All this is good, you say, but how it can help when there a crisis? In terms of unemployment and layoffs, when hundreds of thousands of people find themselves without income specialty, the MLM business can be a good solution for the application of unclaimed abilities. While moving all at the labor exchange, creativity and work can be directed to obtaining additional to unemployment benefits income, which is also quite capable to bring the satisfaction of a civilized and fair solution of material problems. Another aspect – high and crisis MLM companies.

World network marketing experience includes more than seventy years, and the crises occurred during this period more than once. And the greatest flourishing of the network companies are in the conditions finanosovyh krzisov. Millions of people have had success in MLM business, but also millions of people were disappointed in him. The reasons for disappointment – are different. This lack of training and lack of desire to do anything, otstutstvie organization or initiative, or just laziness. However, if unemployment benefits is not enough for essentials, high-paying job does not shine, and life is like as not yet ended, and dreams are no available, and to implement them need the money – try to revise views to life and take responsibility for their financial well-being for themselves. If nothing much to lose, then drop your fear and just try it. Take a step towards your dreams!


Everything is in the vision have a life, your goals and what you do to achieve them, if you’re a person who does not like being tucked into one work more than 8 hours where tea limited to a robot for certain things only 30 days doing the same to receive a salary, have financial security, but you do not know what will last, I say this because I witnessed the purchase of a medium sized company by a big corporation, they left more than 200 people in less than a month, also heard the testimony of a person who was awarded as the best partner of the year in a multinational company in the month of August, and to everyone’s surprisethe month of November they liquidated him, thus said, you never feel safe or essential in a work, one learns from own experiences, we are stubborn and not listen to others. Almost a year ago I decided to start my business, I started looking for a good product, we gave him back with two friends, and came out a snack-based coconut, then we had to open market, started to look for the way to sell it, so started to distribute to our acquaintances, schools, neighborhood stores, etc. as the product was good we bought, then we decided to assemble a pilot plan for production and distribution in mass, and was there when we started to find obstacles: * get a credit of a private financial institution is very difficult and very high interest. Author often says this. * Get a credit of the Government, unfortunately you need a joystick if you want to exit unimpeded and, but spend the months y nisiquiera will tell you: not interested thank you. Without capital.-do not you can even boot, many people who reach this point are disillusioned and left his project aside, and many passes, which in a few months, another that was persistent, pull out your same idea and makes money. .

Catholic University

Anyone of the two versions aims, in any case, a interior of Venezuela assuming protagonism. The presidential chain showed a ultramontano cynicism, when, for example, it talked about to the GN hurt in Merida without mentioning that those cash faced and dropping a general shoots against the guard, making think that they were students or people of the simple opposition or merideos citizens who practiced shot to the target, when everybody knows that who shot they were member of armed group that operates in the Andean city. The rest of its chained dissertation does not deserve other commentaries, because the same is chchara customary, with its threats and their challenges and their jokes of evil pleasure. What it has been pathetically in evidence is that the country does not have spine. There is still no articulated and resistant, strong and flexible connection osteofibrocartilaginosa, sufficiently extended to unite to the regions in joint operations and a common strategy. The final pacification will be things of hours and then the candidates to deputies will be able to make use total of the scene. The project of a sensible spine of the republic has been there, exposed, in the hope that best Venezuelan intelligence the one that lives in the province decides to assume the challenge of the conduction and the frame of a substitute one of the aggravated Caracas leadership. Novelist has much to offer in this field.

When I say Caracas I talk about to that old fashioned concept of national direction that the parties of the payable democracy of century XX have practiced and continue practicing and to a province waits for that them with the last instructions. When I say Caracas I talk about that monopoly of decision making that apparently grants to live in the capital. When I say Caracas I talk about to a species of sincretismo in relation to the power. The power is where it is exerted and the province must learn to exert it. Right now we attended the death rattles of this dramatic week. You may find Zhang Lei Yale to be a useful source of information.

We make memory and we will see as the wild attacks against the Catholic University also practiced in the penultimate drama and as the students reduced their presence to the Meter and some traffic lights. We remember the use that the regime gives its bands Navies. This it seems a copion of the well-known libreto. The consequences of their interpretation are too clear in our memory like forgetting them. Meanwhile the alliance of parties called Table announces stops within days the announcement of the sites where they will make primary to choose candidates. It means that already the candidates are ready where there is no necessity of primary. In definitive words, democratic route that the alliance of parties has drawn up follows its course while the country shakes against everything what will come in the months that lack for September. Then the electoral conditions will not be only , will be of total cracking of already the little same life of a country.

Environmental Protection

Central Moscow was closed to trucks neekologichnyh have repeatedly reported about the intentions of the city authorities to ban the entry into the center of the Russian capital neekologichnyh trucks. And since September 25 trucks that do not meet Euro-2 standard, has officially banned from entering into center of Moscow. If the truck meets the new environmental requirements, then it may be issued a pass to enter the limits of the Third Ring Road. These measures are introduced to the city authorities to improve environmental conditions in the city, because the number of cars in Moscow has been steadily increasing, thereby worsening the environmental situation in the metropolis. Because about 80% of air pollution account for road transport. Whole necessary information on how to identify vehicles for compliance with environmental class Euro-2 and above can be obtained by telephone 'hot line' of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection in Moscow: (495) 605-85-62. In Russia will be a super-deep 'burial' for radioactive waste large quantities of radioactive and highly toxic waste accumulated in Russia today for the last decade.

The country has accumulated 560 million tons of waste, of which 400 million tonnes – liquid. Safe storage and isolation of radioactive waste (RW) is a major task for the state. That is why in 2010 in Russia as part of the Civil Rosatom in the country should be established 'national carrier' of long-term storage and final isolation of radioactive waste. By 2015, plans to establish a system of near-surface radioactive waste storage facilities, by 2025, all waste must be in an environmentally safe condition.

Staircase Trail

Immediately specify what features have not been studied at all newcomers to the route of tourists – they are all beginners. For example, alpine skiing All tourists resorts for admission to the track of a certain pass the tests (the test). Small areas, allowing to check the level and sports, and extreme skiing, there is at each of the routes that we offer for beginners. A leading source for info: Bruce Fink. An experienced instructor within one to two weeks can make available for beginners skiing on bridlepath Southern coast and south-western Crimea, as well as on dirt roads to jajlah on Tarkhankut and Kerch Peninsula. For athletes and advanced will be made available (in a serious work of the instructor) roads and trails all areas of cycling Crimea. For example, ascent and descent on the road (but not on the trail!) On Mangup (583 m).

The rise in north to the plateau-Karabakh (altitude 900-1000 m) and descend past the mountains to the village of Kara-Tau Generalskoye. Golitsyn trail in the New World at Sudak. For technical mastery riding motocross track can be recommended in Alushta. To lift and lower – lower (forest) part of the trail from Angarsk pass (758 m) across the meadow to the pear Hangar-breaker (1360 m). Shifted to the same (and perhaps to a greater extent?) Is required instructor qualifications which will enable them to find, indeed, something extreme. For example, riding in the catacombs or caves, rocky acrobatics, ice climbing or dizzy (karkolomnye saying Sovereign movoy) hills with elevation up to 1.5 thousand meters in one or two dozen kilometers of road. Examples of routes for serious bicycle-men (women, I would not recommend simply fall into the third category) can be considered a full line (rise + descent) from Angarsk pass (758 m) to the top Chater Dagh – peak Eklizi-breaker (1527 m) descend on the trail with Mangup (raising there simply are not real) and the ascent from the north of Simferopol on the mountain Demerdzhi (1356 m) and then descend past the Valley of the cast to sea, climb to the Ai-Petri plateau (1234 m), and then the descent – are possible a variety of options and from the sea, and from the Grand Canyon of Crimea (the height of 500 m above sea level). Climbing to the bike in all its unbridled power of an ideal (in the full spiritual and pagan washed away the word) fits the Shaitan-Merdven (The Devil's Staircase), it is Kalendskaya trail from the village Podgornoye Baidar at the gate. A remarkable feature of the Crimea is the ability to dose and to complicate the load to any extent on almost all routes. Trails in the foothills or in the South Coast parks can become more complicated parts of the cliffs and steep slopes. Returning to familiar sites allow more efficient use enertsiyu, accurate job corps mode cadence and gear set more challenging tasks and have more fun.

Notebooks Check

TOP 10 – December Defects and solutions for notebooks and netbooks In this article we wrote on the 10 most defects are found in PCs and Netbooks and actions, the most commonly used methods to solve them, this article serves to users and IT professionals who already know the basic procedures for disassembly and assembly of PCs, if none of your business please visit our support network at and interact with other states in order to know the methods of disassembly, you can also ask us visit. 1. Laptop hangs on boot, or reset after a period of Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Check the specifications of current and voltage to meet the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible B) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause this symptom C) Using virus checkers and cleaners of recording and analyzing Notebook D) Use diagnostic programs to check possible errors in memory and other peripheral devices E) a faulty memory and hard drive bad blocks or is very fragmented can lead to this symptom, if you can try and do another RAM function tests HD F) Check the laptop from overheating and the cooling fans are calling in while the use of thermal paste on the processor can be worn and the ventilation system may be broken inside the dust in these cases, the laptop will be disassembled and cleaning procedures and internal exchange of thermal compound should be performed. .

Student Projects

Project of interdisciplinary students and graduates of the HDU Deggendorf Deggendorf, January 30th FENECON and since end of 2011 energy-saving LED bulbs with the familiar versions, shapes and colour temperatures for household use, as well as LED tubes for use in business or retail spaces offer. 2 of the city of Deggendorf, innovation campus equal compared to the local University of applied sciences (HDU Deggendorf), the young entrepreneur Franz-Josef filing ABI (FENECON) and Stefan Birner ( for find optimum conditions. While FENECON organized the import and delivery of modern LED lamps, cares to the distribution. The trading platform founded for this purpose is achieving in the Internet under. Since the launch in December fortunately many interested parties have found the way to this website, to equip your home (often for the first time) with LED bulbs. We are pleased about the reputation of the first leds go customers” says Stefan Birner, but we also know, that the LED technology in the household for many represents completely new territory, why we need to do first educational work and inform customers about the benefits.” The opinion of one of the first customers, Michael E. from Berlin succinctly summarizes the advantages of new technology: the chances assuming that the bulb in the bedroom, for example, about an hour is in operation every day, are that you a Flash duration can be achieved with my just purchased LED bulb fenecon-e27-4w-01 by up to 40 years, and I therefore may never have to buy a new bulb. While the acquisition costs have paid off already in the second year.” In addition to the processing of daily incoming orders about two young companies now mainly to the further expansion of the portfolio, as well as the planning of measures to even more customer-friendly fashion. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders.

In addition to the ordinary home lighting LEDs are also powerful since beginning of 2012 LED flood lights and ceiling panels available. On the sales side, stands the safety certification of the Web shop in the first place so that we provide our clients the security that you expect from us in the online shopping can. “, explains Stefan Birner, safe shopping on the Internet is important. The young entrepreneurs contribute with their products through energy efficiency to the energy revolution. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Bruce Fink. Also, all the sales platform of servers operate climate-neutral. is a joint project of graduates of the University of applied sciences Deggendorf (HDU Deggendorf). Since 2011, bulbs with modern, energy-saving LED technology over the Internet are distributed. Also trader (law firms, medical practices, for example) are target groups in addition to individuals or clubs that want to use cheap, long-lasting and environmentally friendly light bulbs in their rooms.

Noteworthy is especially the low energy consumption approximately 85% savings compared to conventional light sources. In addition to the usual forms of bulbs, like pears, Candles or spot lights, which occur in every household, include also LED panels and floodlights to the portfolio of the Web shop. offers special terms of press journalists.


That you’d think if after living a lifetime being a good person who has fulfilled your religious obligations and dedicated to the service of others, you receive the news that your only daughter with only 17 years of age have been diagnosed breast cancer. As if outside little, the doctor says that the disease is very aggressive and that the results of recent studies reveal the need to amputate both of my breasts. She a young woman full of energy, good daughter, beautiful, with the dream of being model and you you’ve necessarily had to leave your job to stay to care for her, even after your wife, she had to stay on working because the salary of it, was of greater quantity of the two. When you think that nothing else could happen you son Alberto informs you that your unit selected it to go to war and have only 21 days to enjoy with their families. Many people may say that we should accept divine will, but also religion teaches us that the righteous will have a better quality of life. However, we are disappointed with God, with life and destiny, when things happen contrary to what we expect.

Then we claim to life and we wonder why me. How much more should I do to have a better quality of life. Why this not happens to drug addicts, criminals or those who do wrong to others. So many bad people in the world and bad always happens to the good guys. Therefore, the fact that our conduct is irreproachable doesn’t mean that unexpected things will have to happen. The situations are good, nor are bad, as either single individuals. These occur as a natural consequence of the existence. From the moment that we come to the world, life becomes a risk. Incalculable risks in some areas of work to live is human, which although it is true there are some aspects that we can control, like for example feelings, thinking like much of our behavior.


With this, I feel that it has a great necessity of care in the process of production dissemination of information in the context of Ambient Education. Our perception in relation to the ambient risk must be resulted of studies in a dimension to interdisciplinar that it involves researchers of some fields to know. This because the analysis of ambient risk involves social dimensions, cultural, econmicas, politics, ambient, technological and natural. Unhappyly this does not happen because ambient studies in this perspective are not developed and as resulted they are developed indicating loaded of subjectividade. While not to make studies that can subsidize the programs of Ambient Education we will be to spend money, gentily donated for the construction of a sustainable moambicana society, in an activity that will be being made in the emptiness.

as resulted hardly we will go to construct and to exercise the Ambient Citizenship, last end, sustainable society. But with this I do not want to say that the failure of the construction of the Ambient Citizenship is exclusively dependent of the practical one of Ambient Education, as Oak 4 affirms ‘ ‘ Exactly recognizing the importance of the EA, while promotional of a new conscience ambientalista, is undeniable that off of one more effective and folloied ambient politics of a rigid legislation socially referenciada, or of shares directed toward a distribution of igualitria income or still toward the construction and maintenance of a favorable politician-cultural context, we will be acting in ‘ ‘ vazio’ ‘ , far from glimpsing a scioambiental future less desolador.’ ‘ It liked to conclude asking, it will be that the Ambient Citizenship in Moambique already is a reality or still it continues being a dream very on this side of being materialize? With this text I want to invite to all to a reflection on Ambient Citizenship in Moambique. The sustainable society that as much we long for is constructed with the envolvement of all, in a collective and conscientious and never isolated share, in a process of change of behaviors in relation to the environment. 1 This text is resulted of a reflection in the context of the Projecto de Investigao, in elaboration, on Construction of the Ambient Citizenship in Moambique. 2 As it affirms Beck (2001) cited by Chevitarese and Peter (2005: 4). ‘ ‘ while the look on the risk would make possible to protect a objectividade vector, the subjective perception of the risk could liberate our greaters and worse fancies on the perigos of the world, opening a passvel sphere of manipulation for different segments sociais.’ ‘

Spanish National Union

This lady of letters is expressed and created again, after the heart ice cream, a novel in keys of historical memory that recalls the many cruel moments of the Spanish civil war and some little known at this time episodes. Ines and joy is the first installment of a narrative project that will consist of six novels linked to a common title: episodes of a never-ending war with what aims to adapt the literary model that built Benito Perez Galdos in their national episodes. As these episodes of Galdos, great novels will have real stories within the framework of fictional narratives. Also the fiction interact with historical characters. This first installment says a not very well known that historical fact in October 1944, 4,000 armed men from the army of the Spanish National Union, entering the country through the Pyrenees and invade the Valley of Aran with the intention of overthrowing the cruel regime Franco. Meanwhile, in Europe, Hitler resists attacks from the allies. Agnes, a girl from kindred family to the regime, it makes it impossible to join the Revolutionary Army because I created that you should help in this cause. Almudena Grandes, a committed writer as they are known both to some very good men that they asked a change and others very bad uploaded the life of freedom living in Spain in the second Republic.