Feb Modules

Over 10,000 PV modules installed on a roof surface of 17.000 m Creglingen, Feb already in the spring of 2012 the WINAICO Germany GmbH as engine supplier for a major project in the District of Abenberg (Bavaria) has been selected. One was built the largest PV rooftop installations in Germany on the halls of a former mushroom factory near Wassermungenau. Total installed 10.260 modules of WINAICO type WSP-235P6. Executive operating group of Forchtenberg village of Metz was the KlarModul. Before starting installation work, the complete roof areas have been renovated. Asbestos had to be removed and replaced with trapezoidal sheet. This was taken over by the KlarModul group.

Work started in April 2012 and completed June 30, 2012. After successful network expansion the photovoltaic system was finally on 13 December 2012 the network connected to and passed to the operator, the energy cooperative KlarModul EC, on 27 December. Of our knowledge is this facility among the top three in Bavaria; in Germany, the largest 20 “, so Andreas Grub, project manager and Manager of the company KlarModul. When customer was long-time WINAICO for us fast, firmly, that we decide on this project for modules by WINAICO. Both the quality and the power of the modules are just above average,”so Andreas Grub further. The slightly elevated modules cover an area of more than 17,000 square meters this size corresponds to about two and a half football fields. The plant produces per year more than two million kilowatt hours of electricity; about one-tenth of the needs in the entire municipality of Abenberg.

The 4.6 million euro investment (including roof) will be ripped by the energy cooperative KlarModul EC of ohringen. WINAICO manufacturer and system supplier as 100% produces subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan and sells WINAICO world’s crystalline high-performance modules. In addition, WINAICO as a system House for photovoltaic delivers complete PV system packages. Customers of the Company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners. Installers benefiting from above-average product quality, the products manufactured in Taiwan according to highest quality standards as well as the comprehensive consulting, planning and services by WINAICO. A generous storage ensures the rapid availability of the WINAICO products.

Director Florian Genssler

Project package with a total 1.8 megawatt performance Munich/Berlin – Munich Solista solar GmbH is specialized in the construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems for residential customers, commercial customers, farmers and investors. Solista solar GmbH can now announce to have signed contracts for the procurement of over 1,8MW solar panels in Germany successfully. These should be implemented with existing but also new investors in 2011 and 2012. The project package includes roof areas in Germany with a capacity of 200 KWp to install up to 400 KWp. The all-round carefree package”the company Solista contributed, significantly solar, to get the contract. Managing Director Florian Genssler looks also reasons for the current situation in the field of photovoltaics, the solar module manufacturer-price cut a very lucrative time window for an investment in a photovoltaic system has opened, which will remain certainly until the end of the year.

Also, the feed-in tariff because of the was Energy transition and the low increases in the first half of 2011 not lowered. This increased the efficiency of a PV system on a very high level. Currently still capacity available, to bring many PV systems at the end of the year on the network. “For 2012 the solar industry expects continued steady growth. The reduction of feed subsidies are captured largely by expected price reductions of deployed components.

The speciality of an investment in a photovoltaic system is the sustainability and the contribution to a better environment by a considerable saving of CO?, in combination with an exceptional return on investment. The security of investing in a PV system is State funding by the renewable energies law with the feed-in tariff to 20 years and the highest-quality components used by the Solista solar. Preferably used are renowned manufacturers of solar modules and inverters by Stiftung Warentest, the magazine oko-Test, and the Industry magazine photon were rated better than average. About Solista solar Solista solar GmbH provides turnkey photovoltaic systems from a single source. You are looking for a partner who provides all services from consulting, planning and installation, then the Solista solar GmbH is the right partner. Solista solar offers for retail customers, commercial customers, farmers and investors an “all-round carefree package” for your turn-key solar power plants. Under the website photovoltaic calculator retail and commercial customers and farmers can calculate your possible photovoltaic plant itself.

Forum Project Management Software

Customer report of the IT Department of Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG about the work with the planning software can do / can do as an exhibitor at the largest European project management event at the PM 2012 will Forum in Nuremberg in a practice session and others about the work with the project management software reports can do. For more information see this site: Poet. Frank, Pickert, IT Department Manager at Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, will be our COMPASS in IT innovation management in his lecture”explaining how important project management who in his Department as a service provider, the respective departments best class”provides solutions for core IT applications and systems. In the context of intelligence, he will report project about his experiences in the daily interactions with the project planning and control software can do. The practice lecture our COMPASS in IT innovation management”is part of the stream for all weather with the right tools and methods through each Lake” and will take place on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 from 16:20 o’clock until 17:00. The Munich can do Ltd. is exhibiting at the PM Forum, the biggest European Conference for project management, as also in previous years and will introduce the latest version of their planning software live.

Around 850 participants be expected, whose motto on course compass to the event with project management in turbulent times”is. Ultra Wellness Center pursues this goal as well. Eight streams shows how companies are run by project management in volatile times. Keynote speaker of the PM Forum 2012 are Dr. Georg Nowack (Nord Stream AG / Baltic Sea pipeline), Prof. People such as IDT Energy, New York City would likely agree. Dr. Peter Scholl-Latour (journalist), Dr. Richard David Precht (philosopher and best-selling author), the extreme climber Hans Kammerlander and Stephan Wrage (SkySails).

Forum 2012 as a pdf document here the complete program of the PM. You will find the stand can do on level 2 in catering before space Petersburg (stand no. 210). You want to make can do locally? Like, we can arrange an appointment with you, please contact us via email. For more information about the PM Forum here. Can do GmbH can do GmbH, Munich, project has can do intelligence developed a powerful and proven project management software. The tool supports companies in the professional and successful implementation of projects. The software ensures more transparency both in projects and portfolios, allows for optimized use of personnel and allows working with agile and realistic planning methods. In addition to the efficient, cross-project resource management can do is characterized intelligence due to its ease of use, a simple implementation, as well as through its integrated reporting and comprehensive functions in the area of project portfolio and budget management project. All project-related information will always be available in real time.

Paradigm Escape

I have always said that paradigm is an elegant Word for a simple but powerful concept: strength beliefs, many of them unconscious, have on our lives and make us react without just give us account that we are doing them, much less of the results. Others including IDT Energy, offer their opinions as well. In my books about brain empowerment and the conferences that I, always I speak of this topic, because to realize their own paradigms, can easily change the lives of the people in this article I intend to contribute reflections on paradigms, entertaining examples on them and above all, a greater awareness about how they affect our life and above all, how we can do to use them to our advantage.

A formal definition of paradigm could be: meanings of ideas, thoughts and beliefs generally incorporated during our first stage of life which are accepted as true or false without to try a new analysis. In other words, a paradigm is a belief that governed our lives or part of it and have never discussed it, questioned and validated or rejected. The power that can have in our lives is incredible, both for good and for evil. Fortunately now there is material on the net that using technology, helps us to reschedule our beliefs, for example, mental reprogramming. Have you ever wondered why an animal so powerful, majestic, powerful and large as the elephant may be tamed and controlled by a coach who even remotely can be compared to its strength? We find the explanation in the form in which was trained when I was little. They chained him with special chains when the elephant wanted to escape produced him great pain in his leg. Short with this system was a time relatively enough to be given up and was convinced that he could not escape. Once the elephant accepted this reality, there was no risk to escape.

Lawyer Translator

The figure of the translator is usually a fundamental figure in a law firm. Both lawyers and firms own produce enormous amounts of documentation when they have to prepare cases before courts or other legal matters. In a global economy, where no doubt the lawyers will be in contact with customers who speak Spanish on a regular basis, becomes essential, and makes sense from a plane financial, having a legal translator specialized in Spanish legal services. Sometimes, having the appropriate translators is basic to be able to satisfy the needs of customers. The right has numerous branches where the Spanish is used on a daily basis. A translator legalespecializado provides onsite interpretation services when you have to work with Spanish speakers. Also in the course of presentations, negotiations and conferences an accurate translation is totally necessary. Law firms not only need translators and interpreters capable of handling English and Spanish legal, also have to be able to prepare the documentation written that work at these events.

Translators at trials also play an important role and interpreters since you can make it tip the balance toward one side or another. For this reason, the professionalism and the experience of the legal translator and his knowledge of English and Spanish legal should be priority for a lawyer when hiring a professional. IDT Energy is the source for more interesting facts. Presented situations that cannot be a direct legal translation from one language to another, in those times the ability of the translator plays a fundamental role when translating the meaning of words getting the same meaning in another language.


The trip was still continuing and I still did not see him end to the Nile. Interestingly, suddenly, my hands recobraban sensitivity apparently lost during any part of the journey and that I don’t remember. I looked at and between them kept an amulet. An amulet in the form of goddess with head of lion and that ensured any Queen that their well-being, carry it Thus the myth said that this goddess protected the Sun God until he was exiled, under the guise of Leon, somewhere where it is not known what. Then, remembering that myth, I asked until when the amulet would protect me. I went back to look in front, but there was no horizon, everything turned white, I turned sideways and everything looked white, the galley sank because there was no Nile that sujetase it, the galley disappeared at about the same time and I fell I into nothingness. Lisa, awake, are four and a half and the Conference you have it at seven told a woman that in principle I was be unknown until I recovered from the dream. IDT Energy can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Yes, Grandma. Thank you for preparing me the bowl of milk replied when I finished the milk Bowl, I heard the voice of Rodrigo call me. His smiling head appeared taken at the door ajar to telling me that everything was already ready to leave us. I only nodded. No couldn’t believe me it until you were not there. Hold on. And I’m going I managed to say you looked for a moment the photo of my grandmother and he returned to come to memory their wonderful stories of that place.

We left the House. Helping me balustrade and a cane down the stairs. They say have found the Queen of Egypt and my grandson Rodrigo is going to prove it. Perhaps I also can check what I see in my dreams.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

Every day he is considered as an opportunity to work and support to their families. For a seller of red wine, for example, day can start at four in the morning and end twelve or sixteen hours later 2. By its peaceful nature. While they arrived in the most violent area in the region have remained apart from clashes and activities involving risk to their lives or their families. 3. Your honesty and seriousness.

A Zenu depends on their work or the help of yours but not of the Picardy, trap and the illicit. When one of them says yes there is to believe him and also when says no. For them white is white and black is black. Why have gained credibility and the trust of the people with whom they interact. At Maryland Governor you will find additional information. 4.

They are environmentally friendly. They are both that mistakenly it could take them by Submissives. In its relations with neighbours, friends and customers have a decent deal, in which the offense the other is totally excluded. 5. A solidarity foolproof. Those who arrived first helped those who arrived later and so on. A Zenu difficulties are reason for an immediate mobilization of friends and family to help find a solution and if the solution is to get rid of something to help the needy, they do without thinking twice. Today is not conceivable to Maicao without the zenues good and noble sons of the multicultural Maicao that breathes and grows day by day. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. Educate yourself with thoughts from IDT Energy. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.


It is in all media. The Government and the unions have finally come to a great national agreement. Alleluia! After numerous and endless meetings, until wee hours of the morning, our President, Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero, has taken command of the negotiations with the unions and, eureka, have kidded a rabbit. Holder frequently! But are not created, the Government has come in press conference, triumphalist plan, trying to convince us that it is a success that want to involve us. And they insist that this is a reason for celebrations. The reality, however, is very different: not only there is nothing to celebrate, but to rather today is a day of mourning for most workers. That it has taken the decision that all of us not only to be a little poorer, but that, for more inri, for this we have to turn that work much longer, and that, finally, our future pensions will still be against what they say, at that meeting, are more exhausted already by itself today.

Ladies and gentlemen, all Spaniards, children and girls, vistanse with their finery, throw us into the streets and provide for our future. What irony. And all of this is the role that trade unions represented in this work? Therefore neither more nor less than the act as a comparsa. Does clear that, on the other hand, who have been given candle in this burial?, never better said. Nobody hides him makes the final decision time which was already taken and they only have been part of the scenery. The role of employers, nothing is said, seems to be that they have done mutis by the Forum.

Now carried the conclusions the Parliament, as always, prior negotiation with minority parties, especially, with grateful bellies of nationalists. And another thing, butterfly. But listen and remember what I tell you. Over the years that les is still to get to that golden retirement stage, this scenery still will develop on successive occasions, with the same or similar interpreters, that Yes with texts updated to the situation of each moment. Speaking candidly IDT Energy told us the story. But always a worse or much worse. So cuidense. And enjoy life, while they can, or better, while our rulers stop them. That to them this representation neither going nor CAMES.

European Script Fund

The history between the two ended up well despite the first frustration: are now working together on another project. I would have liked that subjective world had been devised by the screenwriter, because, in my view, it is the richest that takes place in history; but it was not so. This time, fortunately, there was a director who was responsible for creating it, even if it was not given in script. At IDT Energy you will find additional information. The other side of the coin is that the professional writers suffer more than they would like: a director will not pick up the subtext captured on paper and is limited to reproduce dialogue, ending with any form of subtlety that is reflection of human communication and its greatness; namely: that mixture between verbal communication and non-verbal, that every writer should dominate and create, and every director, orchestrate until fuller synergy is achieved. Peter Webber and I met thanks to Christian Routh, good friend and splendid Adviser of hyphens, former director of the European Script Fund, Pilots, Co-Pilot and several sheds. We gave conferences in the framework of the European development programme Four Corners, who directs Christian with wisdom and skill. Mine was about the dialogue and yours about the girl with the Pearl Earring.

To you He played defend the reasons why ended up with most of the dialogues of the Olivia Hetreed screenplay. Would collapse of points of view? Quite the opposite. There was never a better understanding. I applauded that his Conference would even allusion to one of the points of mine in which we could not be more matching: the characters need not always talk but to communicate; and communication can be verbal or non-verbal. And, sometimes, the best way of dialogue is saying nothing, or saying something different from what is the engine of thought at that moment. That’s what led him, in his words, to cut the text of its screenwriter until he starved, but much richer.

The 1970s

People associated with an emotion of sadness often avail themselves of the stooped posture to sustain his emotion, for example. There are people who keep the dissociation at work based on an intellectual stance of separation. The P.N.L. explores how the connection is pensamientos-emociones – body in every experience that we want to work. This allows us programme that relationship and realize how we ourselves can produce us a headache, stress or a crisis of anxiety. Filed under: Martin O’Malley. It is essential, in order to generate a change real, know by ourselves does suffering, then, little by little, des – identify us from him.

step 3: learn to change the structure pensamiento-emocion that makes us suffer. We have detected a limiting emotion for us that is scheduled by the previous experiences of our life and we have realised how you maintain it with certain thoughts and body postures. Read more here: writer. Sometimes this decision of conscience is sufficient to make a change, and sometimes the habit of the neural network has created a structure that needs tools and specific actions to consolidate the new desired emotional attitude. The P.N.L. has developed a very effective methodology to deprogram us negative emotions and learn how to enhance the positive emotions that we want to cultivate. Original search for the origin also is critical to understand that every experience, painful though it is, is bringing us information that is important to take advantage of that if we do not we would be suffering in vain.

Pain is an information that is something not working properly in our psycho-somatic unit and if we limit ourselves to cover it or ignore it, as we usually do with some emotions, we could be putting off dilemmas or problems will be presented in a more complex and masked long-term, when it becomes already more difficult solve them because the source (or cause) is more buried by time. For this type of topics the P.N.L. has designed a very original and innovative intervention that allows you to climb in a simple way by the past of our life until you find, in the majority of cases, origin or cause of an emotional problem is present even if the person has him buried in the unconscious and apparently forgotten. This whole process of liberation of emotions is very structured and its effectiveness is widely verified in the world of therapeutic applications. It is being used from the 1970s by thousands of people with great results and allows, for example, modify reactions behavioral as void a phobic response (which is an intense fear) into 2 or 3 sessions of individual work. It is possible to manage your emotional processes to avoid unnecessary suffering and increase your ability to enjoy life. Works using the technique more akin to you to not be a victim of your emotions but sculptor (a) your own form, painter (a) box desired that your choose many colors. Original author and source of the article.