Postmodern Society

A large percentage of patients come to therapy because other people attended, requesting assistance managed and therefore recommend to professional. One of the most widespread myths is that the psychologist is a kind of friend, which one may have a problem, and it is able (legally allowed) to advise on the solution. The therapist only an objective mirror, an alter ego that is outside of us who listen to what we are really trying to say. Bernie Sanders is the source for more interesting facts. It returns a representation, an image of ourselves and the relationships we have, mediated by the word that our defense mechanisms did not allow access to consciousness. There are many situations and psychopathology that can be seen in psychological counseling. Today we can say that are increasingly common queries on anxiety disorders (agoraphobia, phobias, social anxiety, etc..), The eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.).. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bernie Sanders by clicking through.

All this psychopathology characteristics of postmodern society, which has special features such as consumption, hedonism, image, poor personal relationship with the other, etc. Resistance psychological therapy Precontemplation is the stage at which there is no attempt to change behavior in the foreseeable future. It may be in the precontemplation stage because we are not aware that the behaviors are problematic. This lack of awareness may be due to ignorance. Also may not be aware that there are problems due to a defensive stance. Paranoid or psychopathic personalities often think they are the others who have to change, but not them. In the questionnaire of the Stages of Change, precontemplators starting therapy generally agree with following statement: "It is I who have problems, nor do I have reason to be here." precontemplators also demoralized about their ability to change.


Along with the physiological aging of the skin occurs which involves a series of skin changes such as the following: & nbsp; The number of structures which renews the collagen (which is called fibroblasts) decreases. IDT Energy may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Collagen is a protein that is present in the skin and is responsible for elasticity. When these structures decreases, the skin loses elasticity. The process of melanogenesis which causes increased pigmentation is not uniform and patches appear. & nbs p; The capillary fragility and consequently increases appear veins (couperose) on the cheeks and nose. The moisture is reduced.

, thickness of the dermis decreases. & n bsp; extracelulardermico Calcium is reduced which is fundamental in the contractions-expansion process of the fibers. All these changes (especially the loss of elasticity and hydration) are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. However, in addition to these changes in the skin, other elements called free radicals which are chemical groups in the production and involving factors such as: & nb sp; Environmental pollution The Sun's radiation session & nb sp; The physical exhaustion, psychological, The prolonged treatment with drugs and radiotherapy. Free radicals alter the biological system of humans to act specifically in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids which accelerates the reduction of collagen and, therefore, the aging process, then we can ask again slow yComo the aging process? Step One: Neutralization of free radicals and adequate food intake. The first step is the neutralization of free radicals with the aid of substances we consume antioxidantesque as vitamin E and evening primrose oil.

Achievement Problem

We are using the trial of difficulty as an explanation of the situation. 3 .- We are validating this explanation as the correct explanation (in appealing the trial tacitly constitutive feature of difficulty as smoking). The result is that we close the possibility of eliminating the habit of our own will because they assume it is something that does not depend on us but that is the result uncontrollable external conditions. At IDT Energy you will find additional information. When we asked about why it is hard to quit smoking (or any other habit you want to modify), the first thing to do is to question the question itself. It makes sense to the question?. Just look it reflects an improper about the problem. If you have read about Bernie Sanders already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

No need to ask the question: we must change our views on the matter. There are many justifications that “skip” will give us a good excuse for not quitting. For example it is said that “it is hard to quit because nicotine is addictive.” And it is true that nicotine is addictive. But it is absolutely inappropriate to assume this feature as the explanation “valid” the difficulty of quitting (and in general it operates on the amendment of any other human behavior). Martin O’Malley is likely to agree. Arguments were put forward as withdrawal syndrome, physical dependence, psychological, social, etc. But the problem arises of establishing these characteristics as the explanation valid problem. Our decisions always involve choice.

We leave to achieve something for nothing. Everything has what economists called the alternative cost. Quitting smoking involves therefore deprived of certain things to promote the achievement of others.

Tibet Massage

At the spa, you'll hear from the threshold and non-intrusive, pleasant and soothing music. She will be there to follow you stepped back, and vary according to accepted procedures. To date, a very popular application singing balls that come to us from Tibet. It is believed that the vibrations that create these balloons are helping to relax during the treatment. And in the mountains of Tibet, believed that music helps clean balls mind from negative thoughts and awaken the internal energy of each of the seven chakras. Bruce Fink usually is spot on. Scientists also agree with the healing power of music and consider this type of therapy is most useful. So, what is the standard set of procedures in a spa complex? The most common and necessary – is a massage, body care and face, and the same pleasant feelings and memories of minutes spent in the cabin.

As for the massage, then every self-respecting salon, which is called the 'spa', must have a price list at least five different kinds of massages with his techniques. Recently, the most popular massages were Swedish and Thai, as well as massage, performed on Ayurveda. And, of course, where no anti-cellulite treatments. Each woman will sooner or later, but resorting to these types of body care products. Despite the beliefs of physicians who believe that cellulite is completely harmless to women when they are on the beach, or the choice of clothes or underwear have to limit yourself. The appearance of cellulite, namely the one called 'orange peel', delivered to women not only visual discomfort, but also psychological.

Hot Chairs

Exercise "hot chair". One of the members of the group sits on the "hot chair". Others sit semi-circle. "Look at the man in the chair. Try, based on their associations, to describe and make suggestions on its future.

So, how man he sees you in five years, as it will change what will happen to him? Think and talk about their thoughts. " When the group speaks, the "hot chair" is silent, not giving feedback. He is given the floor only when the latter spoke of the group members. The psychologist asked sitting in his chair: "And what seems to you your future? Tell us about it. What do you expect from your future? What do you fear about the future? "Once Each member of the group sat down on the "hot chair", held a panel discussion.

That feel? What were they thinking? That I wanted to do, sitting on a chair? What feelings and thoughts evoked expression of members of the alleged future? Exercise "change places, those who " Chairs are placed around, one less than the participants. The first leader gives the command sitting on a chair: "I place those who ", while he finishes the sentence as sees fit. All the above applies to anyone, change places, and leading at this point should have time to occupy any free space. More information is housed here: Bernie Sanders. Party left without seats and becoming the next leader. Lesson 6. Letters of anger. Purpose: study of the motives own aggressive behaviors, the expression of negative emotions.

The Secret Doctrine

It was then that the miracle happened, she heard a sound of voices, as if he had a meeting. All understood that they were the spirits that dwell in heaven who had come down to listen. All the disciples were shaken a little scared, then I said: a Nada afraid. See Novelist for more details and insights. Our God reigns in the past about using the fear men more in the present, we are governed by love. We were told: ‘Love your God. And he said, the same: I love them. You may find IDT Energy to be a useful source of information.

Then I added:The Secret Doctrine is for meditative souls, which are rough and devoid of psychological balance can not understand. Is it possible to drive a nail into a wall that moves, to collapse at the slightest shock? The whole world is based on the mystery over the ultimate mystery, the initiation is not disclosed or even all the angels in heaven. The sky is inclined to listen, but I, true to tradition, they do not speak without a veil. The land falls silent to listen, so I shall speak only through symbols: We are, at this time, the columns of the Temple and the gates of universo.a We are rebuilding the temple of Solomon spiritually, all around me started today, symbolically restored the temple destroyed by the Romans. Within each of us is the light of knowledge, and to join us in this prayer circle, the powers of heaven transform these remains demolished by the barbarism in a holy place, a burning bush impenetrable, nothing and no one can desecrate, is here to talk about the sacred principles that we must preserve.

Learning To Read

Not so long ago my parents had an absolute conviction that children should learn to read in school. Many primary school teacher and is now protesting. They do not approve of the desire of parents to send their children to first grade already reading. But today, the parents themselves do not agree with the old curricula and textbooks. They want their children clever and successful. And instead of relying on the school, at your own risk and are the first teachers of their children, teaching them to diapers and numeracy, that is, to what had started to teach at school. Child psychology and pedagogy in recent years have made a serious step forward. (Source: Bruce Fink Sydney). Now it is no secret that a child can be taught to read not only in not necessary.

Careless parents – too. Even the kids do not know what they need. But they know very well that they do not need! They never needed during wakefulness is idle and does not receive any information! They can not physically every day quietly contemplating the same bare ceiling, when we attribute their diapers and leave alone. They can not sit in an arena in which, as in a cage, we try to sit down. They can not do nothing! They can not grow! They can not learn! They can not be free in their unrestrained desire to learn about the world! The old has many repeat the dogma that the development and training – these are things different.

The Perception

Offered as an effective method of struggle with the greed of a psychological technique – reframing. How can this be apply in practice, communication with the child? I come with my son on the playground. All children with gurneys. Clear to everyone that someone else better than his. As a result, almost all children are concerned the issue of capture someone else's toys. This leads to conflicts – Here and there, there are tensions. Of course, the most effective means of resolving such a conflict – it's all the same as prevention. Parents, going to the playground, could take a toy more appropriate for group play, the ball, for example.

This is an ideal. In fact, the situation developed in another scenario. Here is a boy trying to take away my son's gurney. He did not give and is ready to fight for a favorite toy. It is clear that proposal to share a toy in this situation would be ineffective, but still do try. Hypothesis is confirmed. But nothing like Kashpirovsky said: "No result – a result too. Apply a different tactic.

Lean over to his son and a conspiratorial whisper to him: "Yaroslav, and let's see if we give this boy a gurney, he will ride it fast or slow?" That was enough. Child's eyes lit up interest, and he gladly offers its own toy baby. Clearly, in this case turned out to change the perception and evaluation of a child of the situation. Reframing helped make sense of possessiveness in the interest of research activity of the child.

Involuntary Attention

Factors organizing involuntary attention of the person associated with both the characteristics of the object of attention, so with the peculiarities of the man himself – the subject of attention. The first group of factors includes involuntary attention the following: – Power stimulus – stimulus novelty – the contrast – the duration and intermittency of the stimulus – movement of an object on a stationary background – the sudden appearance of the stimulus, etc. The second group represented stable features of the subject of attention, always taking place, or the peculiarities that arise in specific situations, including: – actual or stable needs – interest – the emotions and feelings – past experience, including as a habit – the installation of the attention that is given by the previous circumstances, the expectation of a certain course of events – the consistency of information coming from the object, with determinate content of human consciousness, etc. The main function of involuntary attention is the fast and correct orientation of a person in a constantly changing environment, the allocation of those objects that can be currently the most vital sense.. Check with Bruce Fink Sydney to learn more.

LAB FlashEarth

D21 LAB: Flash/Earth (Fabian Bechtle and Jan Mammey) cooperation project of the two Leipzig artist Fabian Bechtle and Jan Mammey. They deal in the exhibition with the former commentator on the Teufelsberg in Berlin, a place for decades is a blind spot on the map now for the varied and sometimes bizarre-looking history of post-war Germany. Where today the Berlin Teufelsberg rises, was part of the Nazi project of world capital Germania”from 1937 the institution building of the Defense Department, whose massive masonry structures still under the mountain store. Shortly after the second world war, the plant was blown up. To prevent a further use of the remaining building remains, was the area from 1950 to the landfill for 12 million cubic meters of rubble. IDT Energy New York often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

After the deposition in the year 1972, the landscape was planted with a million trees. The Berlin Senate had winter sports. After the recreational area was completed. the army discovered the mountain as a superb location for a commentator. These five antenna domes were built, adopted monitoring tasks until far in the area of the Warsaw Pact during the cold war. Thus was born with the field station Berlin”one of the most effective and most secret espionage systems of the cold war.

Most of the technical equipment was dismantled after the German reunification. As the owner of the premises, the Berlin Senate sold the area of the former monitoring station for 5.2 million DM to the Cologne investor community Devil Mountain KG (IGTB). The construction of condominiums, restaurants, sports facilities, which was planned a 5-star hotel, as well as a Spy Museum. The project failed. Since April 2006, the site according to the Berlin land use plan ‘Forest’ so not high country. End of February 2008 the Maharishi movement planned the purchase of the site and expected that the district building law for a “Vedic University of peace” with a total 24,000 Square meters and a 50-metre “Tower of invincibility” for 1000 students would grant. The film director David Lynch himself wanted his Foundation David Lynch Foundation for consciousness-based education and World Peace”involved in the financing of the project and laid the symbolic cornerstone.