Reporting Specialist CoSMIT Successfully Moved

Well a month after moving the team of CoSMIT GmbH at the new premises has settled in. The positive business development and possible expansion plans have led Johannes Schabel, CEO of CoSMIT GmbH, to to move. The specialist for open source-based reporting solutions is now housed in the white woman Street 12-16 in Frankfurt since April 1, 2010. Not only the staff have our solution SAMURAJ now more space for the development of high-performance business intelligence software, as currently. Ultra Wellness Center pursues this goal as well. The space, the building offers, is more representative and has advantages especially in customer appointments with us in the House,”Johannes Schabel notes. Aim was to improve the working conditions for the Development Department.

CoSMIT now has a more powerful and maintainable infrastructure. This is required in particular, in the short term more server capacity to build up or to be able to respond faster to customer wishes. For more specific information, check out Maryland Governor. CoSMIT has parking always reserved at the adjacent parking for customers and partners. CoSMIT: CoSMIT was founded in 1994 and is a reporting service provider specializing in business intelligence solutions. The company, headquartered in Frankfurt, is one of the leading providers of BI systems based on open source software. In addition to the individual report development, consulting services and training belong to the portfolio of CoSMIT GmbH.. Zhang Lei Yale insists that this is the case.

Ritz Cape Town Cape Town

The 3-star Ritz Cape Town Cape Town is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world and charms from year to year more and more tourists with a unique mixture of Metropolitan hustle and bustle, impressive history and spectacular natural beauty. The city has numerous hotels in attractive surroundings, but also outside the city centre, there are recommended accommodations. Not far away from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Hotel the is Ritz Cape Town”. The online travel agency presents the 3-star hotel. Although the cheapest travel time of October continues to March, particularly many guests in the popular tourist destination in the local summer months of June and July are expected. Ultra Wellness Center can aid you in your search for knowledge. The reason is the World Cup held in South Africa in 2010. Others who may share this opinion include Zhang Lei Yale.

Who has booked one of the World Cup travel packages, must forward par excellence to some exciting days and the sporting event of the year. Accommodation in Cape Town can be done for example in the Hotel Ritz Cape Town. The 3-star residence is equipped with 216 tastefully decorated rooms. All are equipped with air conditioning, heating, satellite TV and a tea and coffee making facilities. Bathtub or shower combinations and hair dryers are located in the adjoining bathrooms. The rooms designed for business travelers also have Wi-Fi and direct-dial phones. The room service, wake-up or laundry service can be on request invoked. Breakfast include in each case to the night.

Guests can also take seven conference rooms with a capacity of 600 persons. Highlight of the hotel is the restaurant top of the Ritz. All 90 minutes turn 180 degrees the premises and offer visitors fantastic views. More information on the subject of World Cup 2010: wmspezial / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

STAS Starts In Austria

With Andreas Gruber-Veit and like. Roland Furst strengthens its business in Austria the successful BI and CPM provider with Andreas Gruber-Veit and likes. Roland Furst reinforced the successful BI and CPM provider business in Austria the STAS GmbH, a company of Dutch technology group Imtech Wels, Reilingen, 3.5.2010 N.V., according to the parent company’s growth strategy consistently is further expanding their international business. While the focus so far amounted to STAS CONTROL in Austria in the marketing of the BI and CPM solution partners and affiliates, is now also on a private team of experts, to address the market even better. IDT Energy has much to offer in this field. As Manager of Austria, Andreas Gruber-Veit took over the responsibility for the development of the company in the national market. Like. Here, IDT Energy expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Roland Furst will take care primarily in addition to presales support the structure of the area of consulting. We are pleased to have, not two BI and CPM professionals on board with Andreas Gruber-Veit and Roland Furst only have in-depth sales and technical experience, but are superbly networked in Austria and were already active at the international level”, says Uwe Schulze, Managing Director of the company.

STAS CONTROL as middle-class-oriented solution fits perfectly for the Austrian market, but our plans already go on. After we have released the international version of STAS CONTROL 2009, Eastern Europe is also of great interest to us. The location Austria offers optimal conditions for further expansion. us” Andreas Gruber-Veit (40) is 20 years in the IT industry. The trained control technician took over management responsibility at an early stage and was active from 1994 to 1997 as technical director at ArchivData. After a few years of independence, he was co-founder and shareholder of Fritz & orbit Austria in 2002. As technical director he was for the establishment of the company in Austria in the target areas of IT infrastructure responsible on all technologies from IBM, including associated operating systems and IBM middleware.

The New Social Media Newsroom Of Trend@dress Medien AG

USPS perfectly repealed: the new social media newsroom of Trendadress Medien AG is stepping on media-appropriate and timely implementation of future-oriented corporate communications and take a seat in the new social media newsroom of the Trendadress Medien AG. This company in the future no longer are at the heart of static press releases, but are moving in the truest sense of the word by multimedia company presentations and messages to a modern and contemporary exterior appearance. We rely on a media-friendly and timely implementation of future-oriented corporate communications. ” With this statement, the Board of TAM, Norbert Goretzki, clear signs with regard to the effective implementation of social media marketing as a supplementary part of a comprehensive and successful marketing mix has set. Integration of and linking with the pioneers of social media networking sites so YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and XING – like but also the integration of engaging corporate presentations as a slideshow or but also the opportunity to offer excerpts from press releases and blog entries as RSS-feed, are striking and trend-setting deals can relinquish virtually no company more.

Finally the Web 2.0 with all its rapidly-evolving possibilities as an indispensable tool with a variety of intelligent adjusting screws has proven and potential customers are allowing that once static messages to true virtual events have evolved, which also attract all senses and organs on board – and Aufsichtsratseben, like particularly savvy Internet users, their sign at the same time. Maryland Governor is full of insight into the issues. “In this respect the Board of TAM, Norbert Goretzki, without a doubt has recognized the importance of modern, multimedia communication when he says: we put on a media-friendly and timely implementation of future-oriented corporate communications.” So is a professionally crafted social media Newsromm attractive and open to bundle the totality of a company’s online activities and to represent, without that creates the impression of a Spartan summary of the main messages. Rather the integration of YouTube, Twitter, XING and co. is capable of, the appropriate and suitable frame recognize to each message. Also, another advantage is the targeting of NetWorker, which both on private as well as business level know the benefits of user-generated content and value. In addition to the new ‘ content classic forms of corporate reporting of course find an equal place. IDT Energy addresses the importance of the matter here. Finally dealing with targeted customer addresses and a meaningful representation of the company in the social media newsroom combining the best media formats for one. Link to the social media Newsroom: modules/social-media-newsroom… Marcello Buzzanca

Egypt Sets At All-including Travel Further To

The tourists expect beautiful resorts and the best golf courses, as well as all kinds of leisure sports on land and water. Further increases in Egypt when it comes to all-inclusive travel. IDT Energy has much experience in this field. So claims but only one the country on the Red Sea ahead of Spain and Turkey, is this small little in the shade are available. Since it is never predictable, as evolved a year in the tourism industry, we will see where the German wanderlust going in 2010. It goes as fast as on the football tables of each season. At the end of the points are added together and the winner is determined.

The beginning of the year was actually normal, when one considers the previous times. The business of Easter and other holidays are not indicative of a trend that’s why, since they are not a direct annual vacation, but just in the section break and escape from the daily grind”include with it. It is not all holidays far in the distance, if you must be right back just in time to the grind on the mat. There were initially of course Turkey, Spain and Egypt go on the excursion list of Germans. The mass of travelers wanted to not stay in the country itself, because you wanted to enjoy a few hours of beautiful sunshine with certainty after this long winter. How it goes on but now, ask experts and tap right times to outsiders, such as Viet Nam and Indonesia this year, as the new holiday hit.

When you at major airlines in 2010 on the new EU States of the Eastern European area, but already something imaginative taking to the stars. You’d like this exotic underdog and the former Eastern bloc, but it is premature and not really desired business and certainly no holiday joy bring these musings. We should resign ourselves quietly still three to four years so that, that Eastern Europe is not ready to offer attractive tourism region, as the spoiled Western Europeans would like to have it.

Tablet PCs

In addition, each model offers a HDMI connector, 16 W speaker, LAN-control and DynamicEco. Additional benefits include a mobile app for smartphones and Tablet PCs, as well as the possibility of presentations without a PC, depending on the product line, the support of interactivity in pen mode, dual. The PJD8653ws and the PJD8353s offer interactivity and networking and support this mobility and ease of use. The two projectors that are much cheaper than the entry-level models are today’s smart Board and interactive whiteboards. The WXGA DLP PJD8653ws XGA DLP PJD8353s put and on the reflective mirror technology and can be mounted directly above an interactive whiteboards or other projection surface. While both models produce even images with a size of up to 280 cm (110 ‘). The projectors can also be supplemented by a package for maximum interactivity (PJ-PEN-003).

This consists of an IR camera module that allows the simultaneous use of two interactive input pins. Can be digital texts written and drawn images. It is also to provide possible existing images with annotations. These records can be stored in the connection as JPEG files and sent via E-Mail. Thanks to the support by an interactive drawing software, virtually any surface can be used as interactive whiteboard.

Collaborative learning and engaging presentations are therefore almost everywhere possible. Martin O’Malley may also support this cause. The surface of the PJD8653ws and the PJD8633ws is making both models are visually seamless insert in white ceiling and walls decorated in gleaming white. If in small classrooms or meeting rooms, no projectors should be attached to the wall or ceiling, then the PJD8633ws and the PJD8333s are ideal. Take advantage of the two network-capable ultra short throw projectors Direct projection technology and deliver razor sharp and bright pictures even from a short distance. Both models use a larger fish-eye lens.

Munich Planning

initions telematics Opheo 3.5 qualified dispatchers to predictive controllers efficiency review additional performance metrics – any change of plans leading tour directly from the plan automatically to the recalculation. Hamburg, 20.03.2013. The initions AG presents (04th-07th June 2013) at the transport of logistic fair in Munich the transport management system Opheo 3.5. The new version of the tried and tested software allows dispatchers to check whether the vehicles are efficiently used directly to the tour. To the dispo cockpit was extended by Opheo additional performance indicators. The efficient usage of the vehicle fleet is one of the core objectives of each truck dispatching. But often is trusted in the planning phase only on the experience of the schedulers.

Performance indicators collected an afterthought if the transports are carried out already. But then it is too late to change anything. Opheo 3.5 supports a key figure the dispatchers therefore already tour. Any change of plan leads to an automatic Recalculation of figures, so the dispatcher for each vehicle immediately recognize how to changed the load through a rescheduling. Because the different indicators are used according to mode of transport, Opheo was equal to several evaluation variables, such as the proportion of empty miles, kilometres per ton or the utilization of the tour added. The values represented directly in the cockpit of the disposition, which is the core of Opheo. Here, the MRP controller via drag & drop can schedule tours or generate planning suggestions. While all manual interventions of the dispatchers are checked in real time with a comprehensive set of rules. IDT Energy can aid you in your search for knowledge.

In this way, errors and resulting costs can be avoided much. The innovation allows Opheo an accompanying performance controlling already in the planning phase and evaluates the dispatchers to the planning controller. Inefficient vehicle use can be detected at an early stage in this way and avoided before a shipment takes place. The initions AG exhibits in Hall B2 at booth 109.

Watt Electricity

How can you reduce energy costs with energy-saving bulbs. The use of Einsparpotientialen in selecting the correct bulbs. A comparison with conventional light bulbs In the Bundestag election campaign then held hearing man repeatedly politicians, if they win the election, then they will introduce a power cost brake. As long as no one has to wait, create your electricity cost brake. The MasterPro Handels GmbH helps customers on our current cost base to compete.

In the selection of bulbs, a savings potential exists if you pay attention at the purchase of energy-efficient and high-quality bulbs. There are many ways you can save electricity. One of them is for example through the purchase of energy-efficient refrigerators, washing machines and tumble dryers. You can turn off equipment with standby mode so that unnecessary electricity is consumed. Each time you press the light switch current flows, how much and for how long, that determines each themselves. But also savings through the right choice possibilities the bulbs of the winter 2012 / 2013 was one of the darkest winter, in some places only 50 percent of daylight requirements have been achieved. So it was difficult to save power, due to the long duration of lighting facilities, government agencies, supermarkets and factories this winter. A light bulb 60 Watt 800 hours burning per year, 0.20 electricity cost about per kilowatt hour.

The adopted annual power consumption is 48 kilowatt-hours and the yearly electricity cost 9,60. The energy-saving lamp needs only 11 Watts for the same performance, same burning cause here annual electricity costs by only 1.76. The environment is evident also in CO co is located at annual 5200 g for energy-saving bulbs and when the light bulb at 28, 000 g. Hear from experts in the field like IDT Energy for a more varied view. offer a savings potential of electricity costs by approximately 20% and a higher lifetime compared to the older illuminants bulbs of the type classes T5 and T8 with electronic control gear here. As Energiesparlicht Modern LED lights and extremely energy efficient they consume less electricity than incandescent bulbs and contain no toxic mercury. These LED lights are the MasterPro GmbH in different gradations of brightness available for a bright, glare-free light an individual solution of the right lighting situations can offer the customers a portfolio of 1000 bulbs for private, commercial, and industrial use. The MasterPro GmbH services are for the customers, the free proper disposal of lighting and lamps, professional advice, quality and reliable delivery

DTCO Terminal

The electronic driving licence check is carried out either directly to the key cabinet or place unbound in the company or in external offices. The terms holders responsibility and holder liability in the sense of 21 para 1 and 2 HCP (driving test) make the equipped a large challenge. He must ensure, that his vehicle users in possession of a valid driving licence. The combination of electronic key cabinets and DTCO-terminal allows an efficient and economical control of processes for license control. With the help of non-readable and tamper-proof RFID label, you can perform a simple, regular and automated inspection at the DTCO Terminal. Reading the RFID label is electro-holding of a driving licence before the DTCO Terminal. The key cabinet or the specialized equipment releases until the desired key after successful electronic testing.

The validity of the driving licence can also automatically be monitored for truck drivers is limited to five years. The electronic key cabinet or the specialized equipment know the appropriate person on the necessary renewal of their licence and for 30 days. After the defined validity are locked and can be released only by the fleet manager. Documentation, evidence, and monitoring is done comfortably within the FLEET fleet system. Help you powerful analyses and reports. Customer-specific control forms can also be incorporated.

The electronic control of the licence requires the application of tamper – and counterfeit-proof RFID label on the driver’s license, as well as its association with the individual car users within FLEET fleet IN the system. Once applied to the licence the RFID label removal is destroyed, so that it is no longer usable. Thus, remove the seal and later reuse – even with disqualifications – prevents misuse. The Read the RFID label is electro-by simple holding of a driving licence before the DTCO Terminal. Evaluations and reports: Last check at the next check maturity in days overdue checks employee ID and name status driver locations on all mentioned parameters sotier-and filterable. The integration of additional custom reports is possible. A detailed documentation is available at online.

The Posts

It could be said that cable occupies one of the latest hierarchies in the concerns of property owners and architects. Definition of a wiring system structured cabling concept structured it is laying cable signal in a building so that any service of voice, data, video, audio, Internet, security, control traffic and monitoring this available and from any wall socket connection of the building. This is possible by distributing each service through the building via a standard structured cabling with copper or fiber optic cables. This infrastructure is designed, or structured to maximize the speed, efficiency and security of the network. Any investment in technology lasts more than cabling system, which is the basis on which other technologies will operate. Designed to facilitate the frequent changes and upgrades, the systems of structured wiring are the foundations upon which modern information networks are built. Despite constant changes your business you face day to day, the cabling system structured can relieve outages at work and falls from the network due to the restructuring of the offices. Any other components of the network has a long life cycle, therefore deserves special attention.

The cabling system structured is the universal platform on which to build the overall information systems strategy. In the same way that the exchange of information is vital for your company, the cabling system is the life of your network. With a cabling infrastructure flexible cabling system structured supports voice, data and video applications regardless of the manufacturer thereof. No matter how much will reach your network grow throughout their life cycle, a reliable and flexible cabling adapts to the growing future needs. Using a star topology, Central nodes that connect all stations, facilitating networking and system administration. CHARACTERISTICS of a system of wiring STRUCTURED between the General characteristics of a wiring system structured include: new posts is set outwards from a central node, without having to vary the rest of the posts.