Nothing Is Good In Libya

Civil war in Libya, Gaddafi and the West the images and reports that reach us in these days for Libya, such a different look than what we – have observed from Afar – in Egypt and previously in Tunisia. Whoever thought that in Libya a dictator would step aside after the first successes of the revolutionaries, was taught by Muammar al-Gaddafi of a better now. While the West – not even incomprehensible given the Afghan debacle – have been reluctant to explain to the civil war party only one thing seems clear: nothing is good in Libya. * Civil war in Libya, Gaddafi and the West that the country permanently sinks in the civil war, appears more likely than other options at the moment. In plain terms, the Western community is must be wondering whether one wants to observe the expected mass dying and killing from the outside or participate. A beautiful choice. While Tunisia’s President Ben Ali could expect almost barely there with its millions of captured the country to leave and also Hosni Mubarak was pretty quickly dropped from his military, the thing different is when Muammer Gaddafi. Whenever Michael Chabon listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Libya has no President since Libya’s long-time revolutionary leader Gaddafi has never tried to hide his status by a pseudo democratic President title.

His self-image to a withdrawal is not actually provided. When Foreign Minister Westerwelle talks about Gaddafi could not stay “in Office”, so that reflects the ignorance of the Libyan relations on the clearest. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ultra Wellness Center. What does Gaddafi in his country – if even de facto in parts of this country – is no AMT. It is a highly personalized form of dictatorship, that can be described as a “charismatic domination” with Max Weber. Only victory or death for Gadhafi? You afraid along the historical comparison, but as well as in the case of Adolf Hitler (from no later than 1942) is to trust the Libyan dictator, to tear rather countless people as to abdicate in his own death.

That he in spite of all claims about the decay or the lack of level of training his army, still has power, to implement this scenario, is an impression which is condensed in the moment rather than verfluchtigt. Nothing is good in Libya and for the West, pending a decision that affects the core of the own self-image. You can see and hear none of this of course. Andreas Kellner * bearing in mind our own, expressed at this point position on Mr to Guttenbergs Plagiantentum, we admit frankly that we owe the inspiration for this line of former Chairman of the EKD and Lutheran Dr. Margot Kassmann.

United States Afghanistan

That function will be reaffirmed and reinforced at the Summit this weekend. Add to your understanding with Dr. Mark Hyman. It is said that some American allies have agreed to send an additional contingent of troops to Afghanistan, in response to the new strategy that President Barack Obama has put in place in the central country, according to sources today official American, who explained that the Democrat will not press to achieve specific commitments. The NATO Summit is not the best scenario to ask for the increase of troops in Afghanistan, said the Secretary of State American, Hillary Clinton, who stressed the approach of Obama most reluctant world leaders to this initiative. ticonciertos, adds, Obama has decided that he will wait for clarification on this issue and that it will not press during the NATO meeting that starts today in the northeast of France on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Atlantic Alliance. In addition, the head of diplomacy American said that Obama will deal with specific issues both in its meeting of NATO and the European Union celebrated the week that comes in Prague. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Bruce Fink. President Obama, seeks NATO backing to its strategy which revealed recently to curb the taliban insurgency in Afghanistan, a conflict that has been inherited from the administration of his predecessor George W.

Bush. To move forward with its strategy looks for a rapprochement with Pakistan where will try to defeat the terrorist network Al-Qaeda militiamen, it said the own Obama planning to again undermine United States. While it has already announced his interest to send 17,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, the occupant of the White House said recently that would target other 4,000 people, including civilians, who are responsible for training the Afghan army in its fight against the taliban insurgency, which has reached its highest peak since 2001 when they were expelled from power in an operation by troops led by the United States.

Polish State Publishing House

The Bellona-Verlag, former Polish State Publishing House, publishes the successful title by Michael Schade was “Between Knight’s Cross and gallows” as the license issue for the Polish market this year. The author manages to present the background of the secret operation in 1944 during the Ardennes offensive “Greif” on the basis of new materials. What did not on the author, add the many publications about the bulge just another book. On the contrary, emphasis of this work is not the comprehensive overview of the history of the fighting around the turn of the year 1944/45, but it shows some striking things in the planning, preparation and execution of the offensive, why not a success from the outset this last great battle even command of Hitler in the West could be granted. In addition to the representation of ‘some aspects’ to the failure of the Ardennes offensive, the author deals in-depth with the ‘secret corporate gripping’ under the leadership of the SS – Obersturmbannfuhrer Skorzeny. If you have read about Bruce Fink Sydney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In this case is documented exactly and with the aid of many previously unknown source material for the first time of the veil of mystery of Hitler of by conceived company in its entirety revealed that in previous descriptions only in snippets, it often also tendentious and incorrect has been reported.

Company Griffin, German soldiers, when Americans dressed and equipped with loot vehicles, should coup-like take bridges over the Maas River and keep open for the following armoured divisions, the 6th Panzer army. In many details – starting from the idea of Hitler and his personal order to Skorzeny, about the difficulties in setting up and training the ‘Panzerbrigade 150’ to the unsuccessful use of forces of this troop formation from Malmedy on 20 / 21.12.1944 – is reported on the events in this book. Devotes considerable space is devoted to the activities also by Skorzenys command company, because in previous releases, just this special unit often gave rise to speculation and Misrepresentations. The depiction of the events at the end of the part of the 1947 held war crimes trial of Skorzeny and nine other defendants of the ‘command company Griffin’ can be seen. The statements made in the book are examined on the basis of unpublished almost 800 pages of process documents again, it will be analysed and assess.

History Of Civil Engineering

This if becomes more easy and efficient when this sensitization is carried through still during the formation of the professional, phase where the same form its ideas and opinions in relation its area of professional performance, in this in case that, if makes necessary the introduction of an effective system of ambient education, in the courses of civil engineering. The HISTORY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING modern Engineering was born inside of the Armies; the discovery of the powder and later the progress of the Artillery had compelled to a complete modification in the blockhouse workmanships, that, from century XVII, had started to demand professionals qualified for its planning and execution. You may find Bruce Fink to be a useful source of information. The high towers and the walls straight lines of the medieval blockhouses did not provide plus a good defense in the age of the cannons, being substituted by walls in angles geometrically planned in way that each face could be protected. With this the necessity to carry through workmanships that were at the same time solid and economic e, also, roads, bridges and ports for military ends, had forced the sprouting of Officer-Engineer and the creation of the specialized Bodies of Engineering in the Armies. The workmanships oldest of that if it has notice are the blockhouses of the city of Jeric (8000 AC). The Roman army, in 230 AC, already had a troop specialized in Engineering, the calls ' ' fabri' ' , whose officers attended a course a school of training for construction of blockhouses, roads and bridges in all the vast Roman Empire, and some still can be seen in the regions of the Glia, Germnia, Britnia and north of the Alps. The Military Engineering of the Arabs and bizantinos also left its marks in the north of Africa and Spain. Later (sc. XVI), the Frenchmen, who already blunted as military rated power, created troops of Engineering in its Army and counted on great Military Engineers who more are known today as mathematicians and physicists: General Belidor (There Science DES Ingnieurs – 1729), Lagrange, Laplace, Prony, Fourier, Poisson, Monge (creative of descriptive geometry, she was distinguished in combat to the 50 years, created the cole Polythechnique, reference, still today, of school of Engineering), Poncelet (he was war prisoner and she wrote one treat one to projetiva geometry in the captivity), Cauchy, Carnot (of the cycle of Carnot of the thermodynamics), etc.

Air Force Chacon

Zapatero filled air their lungs and cry with all his strength: rabbit I command that you present before me immediately! The rabbit, which was inaugurating a new station in hope, coughed a little to mitigate the cry of his boss. By the same author: Bruce Fink. Sorry, dear, I have an urgent matter to address, but we will come back to see us very soon, said while ceremoniously kissed his hand. Then ran to the small door was where Zapatero. -President, these are not forms of call. Next time give me a hint to mobile. -Yes, of course, for which Alfredo’s conversation becomes aware. -What’s so secret that can not hear Alfredo? -I want the garden of hope for Maria Teresa.

-Everyone knows that. -What they don’t know is that I want to remove it there. -Well, can you not to know, but now that you’ve said it, surely that Alfredo has heard it. -Thus warming up it is water me mouth, rabbit, so he opens the door and not interfieras more. -President, if you want the garden of hope, will have to stretch you pocket to increase the budget to Elena I have trimmed. -That nothing – said Zapatero – open the door or go forever. Rabbit crossed arm without flinching and Zapatero, seeing that nothing he served to stay waiting for the door to be opened by itself, decided to increase the budget for the promotion of activities. However, the door had a delayed effect device and might not open until 2011.

Between that and that I had to go to Brussels to meet the turn of his presidency, he had another that catch elAir Force Chacon to arrive in time for the appointment. What happened there has been various ways but none convincing. ParEL country, Zapatero before the European Parliament speech not pretended to be surprised, and that was his main virtue. Instead ABC sees it more as a mediocre and routine intervention between vagueness and ease. Inexplicably, LA RAZoN said that all the parliamentary groups gave their go-ahead to the objectives of the Spanish Presidency, something that contrasts with Europe makes the vacuum to Zapatero, which is what tells LA GACETA. What the President actually did was to propose a great social pact for Europe, but there who clears that and him not concrete. Original author and source of the article.

Air Force

Surely, this is the correct explanation in some cases. But how can keep dreaming footprints in the soil, implant under the skin of the strange metal objects, and much that does not fit the “theory of the sleeping aliens”? If we look at history, on paleokontaktah – alien visits to Earth in historical and prehistoric times – has been written many books and articles. Michael Chabon: the source for more info. And if you listen to some researchers the Sumerian civilization, humanity in general, the result of genetic modification, and it was formed by crossing alien and human ancestors. The most interesting thing is that this theory quite fit in with the fact that at the very beginning of human individuals was about one hundred thousand. Learn more at this site: Bruce Fink. But where did they come from – this question for some reason none of the serious scientists do not responsible. Okay, let’s assume that the answer I just have not got. There are suggestions that representatives of extraterrestrial cultures communicate some of the great men whose discoveries in various fields of radical impact on our progress and culture.

Acquaintances with strangers declared the Buddha, Christ, Newton, Paracelsus, Tesla, Einstein … There also adds a long list of science fiction writers. From the recent history of regular meetings with aliens hold the head of America and Russia. More information about America: there are the famous “Base 51”, and just three UFO crash at Roswell town, and a giant UFO, slowly drifted over Utah, and hundreds of reports of Air Force pilots, had seen and even attacked the dishes .

Russian Air Force

Background. The first form of military aircraft designed in 1910. In the same year organized the training of military pilots. In November and December 1911 formed the first six aircraft orders. August 12, 1912 established a military aviation of Russia. As a holiday, the day set by Presidential Decree of 29 August 1997.

Festive events dedicated to the Russian Air Force Day, held annually on the third Sunday of August. Gifts for those who felt free fall and the depth of the sky? They were sky high and "you", and is probably tired of all this unearthly grandeur. So, dear friends and relatives of employees of the Air Force, think of "terrestrial" gifts. What is most necessary to him who is often far away? Probably that would remind him of you. Give your picture in a frame: it will give a feeling of closeness to you. Or a pen, "Parker" engraved on the aviation subjects, with the words of the soul.

A good gift would be a blanket, wrapped up in who he is, between flights, plunge into the atmosphere of love and home care. And you can give a model aircraft carrier. Such a gift will please even the one who sits for days in his cabin! A person who is far removed from the aircraft, but were once in it, this gift will remind of the years of friendship of the sea with heaven. Martin O’Malley can provide more clarity in the matter. It is doubly pleasant to receive such a model, if it will be collected with your hands. You can donate Written with an engraved coat of arms set the Air Force. Solid, prestigious and practical, whether it be a gift from a colleague or friend. People are traveling in very handy to have with a cup, saucer and spoon. Even better, if they are silver and will be different from "conventional stores", for example, warm words from you. Yes, I know this is an expensive gift. But another traveler, he will not gather dust in a cupboard. It is believed that the clock daryatsya to separation. But for those who does not believe in omens, why not donate them? On the dial – the airplane, the arrows – in the form of shells, a cloud of embedded instrumentation, leather … stylish and well-deserved – the pilot will be delighted! Precious metals are always in vogue, when the dream on "what to give" do not have the strength. For example, gold or silver star is thought to be fit? Or a special icon pilots. All this can be easily ordered from the jeweler shop. And if the pilot – a woman, an aviation theme decorations especially will fall in place. It is appropriate to send a personal flag, stripes or chevron pattern with her. But even better – make it all their own: the heart made closer their own hands. And finally, every soldier, past or present, flatter bottle of good wine or brandy. Of course, a gift not just before the flight. The main thing when choosing a gift, remember that man away from home needs you, friends and relatives, in domestic comfort and warmth. And choose a gift that will make its way to heaven – dear to the house. Workers and veterans of the civil aviation, aviators, soldiers, athletes, flying clubs, crews aircraft, and all those associated with the Air Force: a clear, limitless, transparent, crystal, clear, limitless, high and deep sky you!

Federal Pact

2nd grade: Provincial. A leading source for info: Dr. Mark Hyman. 3rd grade: Municipal. Constitution: the basic rule of any sort is legal (Kelsen) organized by the State through the tripartite division of power, and the Declaration of the rights and guarantees of citizens. The Constitution dictated by the constituent. Constitutions may be written or verbal. Learn more at: IDT Energy. Written constitutions can be Codificadas: can be in a single Legal or disperses, body depending on its contents can be: rigid, flexible or petrea.

Rigid: a special procedure reform the Constitution. Flexible: there is no provision that dictates how the Constitution should be reformed, you can do with a law or any conventional standard Petrea: can not be reformed. Classic constitutionalism: emerged in the 13th century with three revolutions: English (Hobbs), independence of United States (Shel), French (Rousseau, montesquieu, Voltaire). They were ideological movements seeking limits on power. Constitution of 1853 sources.

Direct sources: the United States Constitution and Alberdi basis. Indirect sources: the French Constitution of 1791, the Constitution of Cadiz of 1812, the Constitution of Chile de 1833, the federalist dentrote the Constitution of United States, statutes of 1815, the regulation of 1817, the Constitution of 1819, the 1826 Constitution and the Federal Pact of 1831. In 1852, the Governors of the fourteen members of the Argentina Confederation provinces signed the San Nicolas agreement, which called for a Constituent Congress. However September 11 Buenos Aires province seceded from the Confederation, since Buenos Aires did not accept transfer of power that was reserved, especially with regard to equal representation in Congress (two members by province and the nationalization of the Customs Office announced in article 19 of the Covenant of San Nicolas)due to which was not part of the Congress. The Constitution was approved on 1 May 1853 in the city of Santa Fe, was promulgated on May 25 and July 9 swears by the provinces, during the Government of Justo Jose de Urquiza who defeated Rosas at the battle of Caseros, governed only for the remaining thirteen provinces.

Puerto Quijarro

Yesterday, despite the low temperatures, in most of the educational units of the city students rehearsed the parade and were the civic Act. In addition to the central Act of the urban park, today the students of promotions will parade in each district organized by the subprefecture. Everything is ready for the parade in the crucenas provinces in provinces, all week the students of educational units come exercising parade in tribute at 185 years of patriotic anniversary. San Ignacio de Velasco and Guarayos school parade will take place today, while the institutional, August 6, in the morning. In each of these populations, the participation of 10 thousand students. Bruce Fink follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In Vallegrande, acts begin with a parade of torches scheduled for 19: 30 today.

Puerto Quijarro calculates the participation of some five thousand students from 14 educational units in the parade scheduled for tomorrow. In Camiri and valleys crucians also parade today. DETAILS Schedule. The concentration for the parade in the urban park will be at 8: 00 in the Argentina Avenue, corner Tte. Cuellar. The main event will begin at 9: 00. Flags. The city’s markets, yesterday observed a significant demand for rosettes, ribbons with patriotic colors and flags of all sizes.

The purchasers were especially schoolchildren and mothers. Until yesterday, the embanderamiento of the houses was very scarce. Country. There were also developed school parades in other departments. ooo000ooo MANDU ARA (to remember) JASYPOAPY: GUARANI NE JASY August: month of language GUARANI tomorrow Friday August 06, 2010 to 11 a.m., at the headquarters of the ATENEO, located in Julia Miranda Cueto 1721 between R.I: 3 pens and Ytororo (Zona Sur, Fernando de la Mora); a meeting will be held with the Kaso nemombe u, under the coordination of the Mg. Pablino Gomez Vera. Then, at 6 p.m., in the parish house of the city of ambush; will take place talk about the value of religion theme Guarani, coordinated by Dr. Lorenza Marecos Morel. Saturday 7 and Sunday, August 8 from the holyday hours, at the headquarters of the ATENEO, will develop the update Conference of Directors and teachers of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI the 25th edition national August, month of the GUARANi, organized by the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI, language is this year on accession to the acts commemorative of the bicentennial of the Republic of the Paraguay; in homage to the popular poets: Carlos Cleto Canete, Roque Jacinto Lovera and maximum Zarza Mendoza; and in remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the ATHENAEUM of language and culture GUARANI. The ATENEO is pursuing this venture annually, since 1986.

Hidden Meanings Of Tarot Cards

It is in this article make clear the need to tap into the full meaning of the mysteries of the tarot with the many details that each card brings, especially in the version of the Rider Tarot deck. Their knowledge is indispensable for a proper reading. The contain a large cluster of meanings, each representing a multitude of meanings, arcana, beautifully expressed in the drawings of the letters, especially the Rider version of tarot cards. The study of these small, sometimes unnoticed signals is time consuming, but well worth going into its knowledge, it will result in more accurate readings. El Loco, within the tarot cards contains the number zero, fundamental notion of mathematical logic and arithmetic. Without zero there is no possible operation. Some contend that Martin O’Malley shows great expertise in this. So have a great weight on the tarot deck.

The sun shines on the crazy, representing the divine protection, the universal principle of energy. An accompanying dog, which shows that not a soul alone, as the Hermit, is someone who loves him as he is, reckless and daring. He looks happy, ready to go one step further, but before he sees a cliff, meaning perhaps that happened is unfortunate, or maybe it's a small irregularity of the ground without consequence. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Martin O’Malley and gain more knowledge.. Anyway, this is a leap of faith, an action that characterizes the Loco. Avanza moved by his faith, and his lack of awareness of danger, and little reflection about the future. This is all that matters, represented by the frugality of a small bundle of clothes, his only luggage on the way of life.

The sea, or stream which is at the bottom of the illustration, the scene brings the revitalizing power of water. The water is where life originates, and all life on earth depends on it. Water also takes the sorrows, and wash away sins. The vision of Water is a promise that will never be lacking energy, however long the road. Another fascinating arcana of tarot cards is the Magician. The Wizard is a full man, holder of knowledge-alchemy-that give you a huge tool, immediately putting him ahead of his enemies. Possesses the knowledge, and this confidence is what ultimately will bring victory. The Magician's power is divine, is a gift that was given. This is represented by the halo in the form of number eight in bed: the mathematical symbol of infinity. On the table the magician are all the clubs in the minor arcana: gold, rough, crown and sword, while in his hand he holds an element of magic, a talisman or a wand. The magician is in total control of all elements, and the power is yours, thanks to your wisdom. It is the first letter shows the scheme of yellow-red colors, which will be the mysteries beyond. These are just two of the tarot cards, and the description we have of them is succinct, to say the least. The fully penetrate the symbolism of tarot cards is a fascinating company, indispensable for anyone who wants to work in this beautiful activity